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DHCP ok but yet no network connection

By MarkusT ·
Setup: 2 x w2k servers + 1 w2k3 server all DCs

Some workstations (WinXPprof) just lost connection and can't log on to domain on them.

Those workstations receive ip-address through DHCP but then there is no tcp/ip connection.

Physcal connection seems to be ok, all lights are up and computer says connection is ok.

Can't ping anything and offcourse can't log with domain accounts (other than cached ones).

Tried to remove ws from domain and then rejoin, but doesn't help, since it can't reach the dc.

Ip can be renewed ok (ipconfig /renew), which is weird because then it refuses to connect in any way.

All ws's involved are portables and have been used on home networks. Don't understand tho why should that matter, and not all similar types of portables have the problem.

One was fixed by totally reinstalling it, but would like to know what causes this behavior!

Don't know it it is related at all, but changed licensing from per server to per seat after purchasing CALs.

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by BFilmFan In reply to DHCP ok but yet no networ ...

This sounds like the systems are losing the secure channel to the DC.

Ensure that the systems are in the same domain as the DC. If users are putting them in workgroups at home and then attempting to rejoin the domain at work, this could be an issue due to the GUID changing on the workstation.

You can use NETDOM with the command JOIN to force the workstation into the domain:
netdom join <computer name> /domain:<domain name>

More on using NETDOM to join a workstation to a domain here:

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by MarkusT In reply to

The computer in question is still a member of the domain. User has used it at home, but didn't change workgroup/domain membership settings.

The netdom reset didn't work either, beucause ws can't connect anywhere.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to DHCP ok but yet no networ ...

i wonder what the time and time zone settings are on bad wkst's compared to dc. wonder what the security logs say on dc and on wkst's. and other log alerts. wonder if firewalls are wkst's are off for tshooting. wonder what ip, subnet mask and gateway address's bad wkst reports when you /renew compared to good wkstn. wonder if virus protection is in place. wonder what sp's everthing is. wonder if admin can login from bad wkst's....wonder if all laptops login thru same switch or other network hardware...

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by MarkusT In reply to

Didn't check timezone settings (and can't now all ws's are re-installed allready), but I could bet they were the same.

Security logs don't say anything else than that there is no connection to domain controller.

Firewall was taken down, virus prot. is installed, ip's gateways and all that were exactly the same as before and only sp 1 (+ all the hotfixes after) is installed.

Even admin can't logon.

All ws's are on different switches.

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by rindi1 In reply to DHCP ok but yet no networ ...

Check if the workstations have been upgraded to SP2 recently. If so just for tries disable the new Microsoft Firewall then try your system again. If it works afterwards you can either keep the microsoft firewall off (I assume you have a third party firewall installed on those PCs, you may have to patch that 3rd. Party Firewall to work together with SP2) or make adjustments to the setup of your microsoft Firewall.

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by MarkusT In reply to
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by acollins In reply to DHCP ok but yet no networ ...

Try the command "ipconfig /flushdns". The portables could have had residual settings from other networks they plugged into. After that, try "ipconfig /release", then "ipconfig /renew". Sometimes you have to use the /release switch first.

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by MarkusT In reply to

Could not ping even with ip-numbers, so it probably has nothing to do with dns.

Also the renewal of ip works ok.

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by MarkusT In reply to DHCP ok but yet no networ ...

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