DHCP on windows 7

By twhentea ·
Please i need a urgent help in configuring a dhcp server on windows 7, all i want to know is if it is possibly using microsoft technology. i already found a third party application but i would prefer windows utility

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by gechurch In reply to DHCP on windows 7

Nope - you can only do it on Microsoft Server OS's. You'll need to use a third-party utility.

Actually, now I think about it I remember you used to be able to do this by turning on Internet Connection Sharing. I did this on my Windows 98 PC to share my dialup modem. Ahhh... they were the bad ol' days. In any event, you'll still want to use a third-party utility.

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Not natively

by IcebergTitanic In reply to DHCP on windows 7

No, you can't run it in Windows 7 natively.
Possible paths:

- Cheap router from the office supply store
- Download virtualbox (if your computer is powerful enough) and drop a quick Ubuntu install on it, then google your way through setting that up as a DHCP server.

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Windows 7 DHCP setup

by 88Fan In reply to DHCP on windows 7

You need 2 network devices in your computer that is going to act as a DHCP server. First connection will be your Internet (WAN) connection, second connection will be your local LAN connection.

Start by opening the "Network and Sharing Center" in the Control Panel. This should show you at least 2 networks. One of these MUST be connected to the Internet.

Click on the link next to "Connections:" for the Internet connected device.
Click on Properties button.
Click on Sharing tab.
Check "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection"
Select your other network connection in the drop down list below.
Hit OK button, sit back and wait for a few minutes. You may be prompted to reboot.

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Reponse To Answer

by gechurch In reply to Windows 7 DHCP setup

Has this improved in Windows 7? In previous versions of Windows this would indeed make your PC a DHCP server, but it would set your PC to (there was no way to change this), and it gave you absolutely no control over the DHCP functions at all - hence my recommendation of using a third-party tool.

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Using the dhcp service on the switch to do this.

by twhentea In reply to DHCP on windows 7

Thanks guys, i was just in a serious fix at work. all fine now, i just created a Vlan on d switch running the dhcp service. and after the win7(which is to be the application's server)system got its dhcp, i converted those parameters to static.

Thanks and much regards.....

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