DHCP on Windows XP

By van_nak ·
Dear Sir/Madame

I have some problem of Connection. I use Windows XP. I want to use service DCHP on Windows XP. How can i use it ? and How can i config for use this service ? Please Let me know about this problem.
THanks !

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by Dumphrey In reply to DHCP on Windows XP

should be configured by default on windows XP home. If not, you can check by selecting START, Control Panels, Network Connections. Right click on Local area Connection and choose Properties. In the next window, there will be a selection box in the center of the general tab page. Look for Internet Protocol(tcp/ip). Click this onece to select it, and then click the properties button. The Obtain an Ip Address Automatically button should be checked.
The next part is having a dhcp server, or using the dhcp server of your ISP. If you have a router, it can be configured to act as a dhcp server, as can Windows server, or various linux and bsd servers. How each is configured depends on what you are using.
Hope this helps.

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hello dude

by sujeshpjayaram In reply to DHCP on Windows XP

I have the same problem n is u r getting an solution for this plz mail me on
bye n take care

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by chinna1222 In reply to DHCP on Windows XP
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XP is a client OS

by robo_dev In reply to HOW CAN I INSTALL DHCP SE ...

and DHCP is a server service. DHCP server is not a component of the Windows XP OS.

You could install a third-party DHCP server of some sort, or install an alternate OS, such as Windows 2003 or Linux, but as it is, Windows XP does not support that.

Windows XP can be a DHCP client, of course.

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And you could

by IC-IT In reply to HOW CAN I INSTALL DHCP SE ...

Not ressurect a three year old thread.
Just start your own question. :-)

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Sorry did not see the Zombie being resurrected and hijacked

by robo_dev In reply to And you could

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