DHCP over Vlans configuration help

By xjezuz ·
As it say.

I see a lot of topics and tips from people, but not a real configuration(well not working in my case).

I connected a Win2k3 server with AD, DNS and DHCP. The server is running in Vmware and got a briged connection to the local connection. It works perfect with just one vlan. However I'm aiming to have more vlans.

The server is connected to a Cisco L3 3560 Switch which in turn got two switches under itself.

I tried a lot with configuring the vlans, but with no success, added ip helper command pointing to the dhcp server as well. I could make a large list of what I tried, so I'm instead asking to see some finished configurations if possible so I can compare my own new to that. Might be something easy I forgot, however I belive it's better to see some real configuration rather than guessing and hoping. I'm short on time as well so the sooner I get it fixed the better.

I wont post my own since it's a lot or rather to much crap in it, better to start on a new round.

If the senario were for two Vlans and both would get information from the same servers. It should be possible since you often don't have more than one DHCP Server. Of course I don't want to use built-in DHCP. It was meant to be a server.

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Hints no configuration ...

by CG IT In reply to DHCP over Vlans configura ...

As you know, for "routing" between VLANs you basically need "router on a stick". Since your using a layer 3 switch, I assume utilizing "router on a stick" there is the question of "are you using subinterfaces for each the VLANs"?

Another question/hint: For DHCP to work on a different subnet than the one it resides on, you need a DHCP relay agent. I will assume you have a DHCP relay agent running.

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