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DHCP Problems

By netadmin ·
OUr DHCP had to be replaced with a new machine with the same configuration. Once this had been done our PC workstations worked properly but the macs remained unable to connect to the server. They seem to be still trying to refer to the old server and the old addresses. So when they talk to the new DHCP the reject the given IP address and act as if it is in use by another computer. Any ideas of why and how one could release the information that is telling the mac that the old DHCP is still in use.

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Use this tool....

by LordInfidel In reply to DHCP Problems

It's called a baseball bat.

I heard Mac's (other than OS X) love to be hit by one.

Did you try assigning the mac a static IP, reboot, then remove the IP so it uses DHCP?

(And people wonder why "real" networks don't use mac's)

g33k6 d0n'+l3+ g33k6 d41v3 m@c6 (-;

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Not the baseball bat

by netadmin In reply to Use this tool....

We tried that and it didn't work for us. I don't like your pesimism towards the mac. It is a great machine and people who use it have less problems and more computing power than the 90% of the population that uses PC's.

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I honestly tried to use it

by LordInfidel In reply to Not the baseball bat

But I was able to make it crash and burn every time. (5 times in a hour, i'll give it credit though, the boot up screen was pretty)

And all I wanted to do was make it play nice with IE and windows media player.

We have several mac's here and Ibasically refuse to touch them. The guy's that use them are constantly trying to fix them because they crash alot.

So I don't buy the whole idea that mac's crash less then pc's.

The only execption to the rule is OS X. Which is built on BSD.
My pesimism does not stop at the mac. I also strongly hate with unbrideled passion, XP and ME.

Mac users need not feel that I only hate the mac.

I hate inferior OS's that either can not be secured as a bastion host, or run some sort of network service on it reliably.

(The OS's inability to communicate with others does not make it secure)

g33k6 d0n+ l3+ g33k6 u63 6H1++y 06'6

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Thats better

by netadmin In reply to I honestly tried to use i ...

Thats make me feel so much better. I hate inferior operating systems as well, but I have become very fond of OS X and the macintosh as an easy to use audio visual machine. Thanks for your help with this problem, and I hope one day that hopeful Apple and if not Microsoft can make a product that appeals and pleases you.

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