DHCP Problems on Windows Server 2003

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I have Windows SBS 2003 set up to manage a LAN. The server is connected to a DSL modem/router (Motorola 3347). I also have the DSL line coming into the modem/router. In addition, I have a 24-port managed switch connected to the router/modem. This switch is connected to another 24-port unmanaged switch.

The server is set up to run DHCP, and I've disabled this on the modem/router. I have intermittent problems with the DHCP server. The DHCP server will start and clients will connect, and be able to connect to the Internet. However, at some point, the DHCP server will shut down.

There seems to be a 'rogue' DHCP server on the LAN --- clients will obtain a different gateway and IP address, and will fail to connect to the Internet.

I can disconnect everything from the modem/router except the SBS server, and re-start DHCP.

Other than testing each client computer, how can I make the SBS the authoritative DHCP server? I have clients running both XP and Vista. Most of the client computers are laptops.

The server was running until it crapped out ... and so for a time, the modem/router was the DHCP server. We have replaced the modem/router, and gotten the server running again. Until this situation gets resolved, there is no wireless enabled on this network.

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by Nimmo In reply to DHCP Problems on Windows ...

SBS will automatically shut the DHCP service down if it detects another DHCP server on the network. You will probably want to find out where the other server is running from and shut that one down.

On on of the clients that have picked up the wrong DHCP addressing do an ipconfig /all and take a look at what the DHCP server's IP address is then you can narrow down where it is.

There is a registry hack you can do to make the service never shuts down. Sorry don't remember it off the top of my head, it shouldn't be hard to find.

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