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DHCP problems

By shooman332 ·
I have a Windows 2000 laptop with a builit-in NIC that cannot get an IP address from the DHCP server(Windows 2000 Server). If I give the laptop a static IP, it works fine. The machine was in a different office before and only Office 2000 was installed on it. It worked fine there. Anyone have any suggestions?

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by Chris.. In reply to DHCP problems

There is some trouble shooting you need to do here. First, can the laptop, with the Static IP assigned, see the DHCP provider. What is the DHCP provider?

next, what does ipconfig /all show when you don't have the static IP. Are your DNS settings config'd to pull from the DHCP server or do you have them manually set? Which ever it is, try the other.

See what that does. Also you might want to uninstall the NIC from Device manager, reboot and apply the latest driver. HINT.. DL the driver before you **** away your NIC. And don't forget to reservice pack the machine after you reinstall the driver.

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DHCP problems - more info

by shooman332 In reply to maybe

The laptop with the static IP can see the 2000 Server which is both the DNS and DHCP server. If I just put in the DNS IP as static it still doesn't get an IP. When I check ipconfig /all using DHCP the address is and all 0's for the the default gateway, DNS and DHCP servers with a subnet mask of Autoconfiguration and DHCP show as Enabled. The NIC is onboard. I uninstalled the driver, removed it, disabled it, and tried to add an updated driver. Thanks for the idea but it didn't work. I tried every combination. I was told that this was an inplace upgrade to Windows 2000 from ME, and from FAT32 to NTFS. I don't know if that makes any difference. I do appreciate any ideas.

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hate to say it but

by Chris.. In reply to DHCP problems - more info

If you have to have DHCP functionality and if this were a laptop in my shop I would reload. Something else is jacked up here and you should NEVER NEVER EVER upgrade a MS OS in place. Especially coming from a late 90's OS such as ME or for that fact Win 9x or WIN NT. There could be any number of registry corruptions caused by the ME to 2k upgrade.

You'll be happier with a fresh load and yes I know it's a serious time issue for most of us, but it will be a worthy effort none the less.

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He's right

by aaoakin66 In reply to hate to say it but

Just to add salt to the wound I am currently studying for A+ Passed Net + Passed MCSA still to sit and every instructor I have had says never ever install Windows via upgrade always do a fresh install....bummer I know but they all siad it.

Happy reinstall...


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Check group policy

by Ironcrown In reply to DHCP problems

See what group policy rules are running on the server. Is the server a domain controller? If so, you may have to join the machine to the domain to establish trust.

Could there also be any personal firewall software on the laptop or a PPPoE client?

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This may sound weird

by Jorgy1 In reply to DHCP problems

As strange as this sounds...check the date on your laptop. I was having totally bizarre things happening on a laptop in my network that was running ME and when I went to do a system restore, I noticed that I couldn't do a restore for that month, when I checked again, the date had gone from 2003 to 2099! Very bizarre. The only time I've ever seen a date problem is when the CMOS battery is running low. It caused a lot of very quirky things before I figured it out. I upgraded this (I know, I know) to XP just to see if it would upgrade and so far no problems (fingers crossed).

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What about the DHCP scope?

by pnmnelson In reply to DHCP problems

Check to see what range of IP addresses your DHCP server has and see if all of the IP addresses have been used up. I am currently in school learning to be a network administrator and I remember being told that if all the addresses have been used you will not receive one. I am new at this so if this sounds stupid forgive me.

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