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By plamenbox ·
Hi everyone,

I set up a DHCP server (W2K Advanced Server) for a small (about 100 WS) network. After activating the scope the server started to assign IP addresses to clients and everything looked OK but soon I noticed that in the DHCP leases list several addresses from my scope to be taken by a RAS( they had a different icon , too) .I do not want my scope to be used by anything else but clients in my subnet. I DO NOT have running RAS server as well. I also connected to my network via VPN from outside but this connection DID NOT show in the DHCP leases list , so I should exclude this one as a reason too, right?
My question:
How should I find out what is causing this RAS to take away addresses from the scope and how to prevent this to happen in the future?

Anyone solved similar problem in the past?

Thanks for your time.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to DHCP Question

A Windows RRAS server can be configured to pull IP addresses from a DHCP server. When that happens you see the RRAS label in the DHCP lease pool. That is what you are seeing.
When the RRAS service starts up, the addresses are pulled from the DHCP server at that time. Even if there are no RRAS clients that need an address, they are still pulled from the DHCP server.
Now, RRAS can run on ANY Windows 2000 Server. You need to check all of your Win2K Servers. Look for the "Routing and Remote Access" snap-in under STart -> Programs -> Administrative Tools.
If you see it, click it to open it up. Then expand it until the server is listed. Right-click on the server, choose Properties, and look there. Just disable the DHCP service for the address pool, and that should stop it from pulling from DHCP.
hope this helps

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