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DHCP question

By easy_feelings2 ·
will a Linux box except an IP address from Microsoft DHCP?
if so, by default or do you need to do something special?

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by mstephens In reply to DHCP question

Yes it will I have ran test setups where I had a redhat box pulling an ip address form windows 2000 dns server.

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Basic Networking Principals

by LordInfidel In reply to DHCP question

At these basic levels; DNS, DHCP etc,.

The OS really makes no difference.

If you are running a dhcp server, (linux, nt, hardware, whatever)

When a system that is configured to use dhcp is brought on-line it is going to send a packet to the broadcast address The dhcp server is going to answer that call.

It cares nothing about the OS. It cares nothing about authentication/domain memebership.

DNS is another issue. It can be secured to only allow requests from certain IP's. But it still does not care what OS you are using.

The only time it becomes OS specific is in the domain membership/ file and print sharing areas.

But for web services, and network related services, the OS is irrelavant.

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LordInfidel stole my

by TomSal In reply to Basic Networking Principa ...

I was going to say the same thing...

its based on standards. DHCP is a protocol, no OS "owns it" so to speak.

You'll find the same is true of DNS.

And if you are using any services that don't conform to recognized standards - get rid of them. They are garbage. :)

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by LordInfidel In reply to LordInfidel stole my thun ...

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