DHCP question....? I'm having a brain fart....

By ---TK--- ·
If a network has DNS, Active Directory and a Wide area network is in place... All devices are set to static... Do you still need a DHCP server running?

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In a way...

by StealthWiFi In reply to DHCP question....? I'm ha ...

From my understanding (and their may be exceptions to this) but in order to have a static IP you have to have a pool of address's to pull from.

If you have a router usually that router can handle DHCP for you, if not just throw it on the DNS server.

DNS is for your Domain Name
AD is for accounts and logging
WAN is for, well WAN

you can have all the statics you want but someone has to hold the key as to who goes with what, yah the address can be registered in DNS but not too sure how that would function without playing with it and no time today to fiddle.


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thats what I thought too....

by ---TK--- In reply to In a way...

Our routers are not handing out DHCP... I know that for sure...

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on second thought

by StealthWiFi In reply to DHCP question....? I'm ha ...

As long as you assign a gateway and DNS i don't think you actaully need DHCP except for some funcionality. If you have a router for the network and that's your gateway then you might as well have it run DHCP though.

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Simple answer - No

by neilb@uk In reply to DHCP question....? I'm ha ...

If everything has its own static address with everything assigned manually, DHCP won't ever be used.

Less simple answer - you ought to use DHCP, though. It's a much better way of assigning workstation addresses as you can then change gateway addresses and anything else at one central point.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Simple answer - No

after reading through MS KB, I found out that you don't really need it running... lol, I didn't set up the network, just a contractor thats fixing it.... but thanks for the answer :)

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Neilb is correct

by CG IT In reply to Simple answer - No

if you use static addresses, you don't need DHCP. A best practice would be if you have a small # of workstations and don't mind documenting IP addresses for each workstation [as well as their MAC addresses] that by all means use static addressing.

If you have a large # of workstations and don't want the hassle of tracking addresses used and need to run a DHCP relay agent for remote workstations, use DHCP. It's less administrative work.

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