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By davidproffitt ·
Hello all hope someone can help with the following question.

I am net admin in a company that runs 5 subnets all class c), we recently moved from 5 separate buildings connected via leased lines and routers to one physical network (removed the routers). I have paired down the 5 subnets down to 2 and setup DNS, in, and DHCP (in two ranges 172.32.x.x and 204.79.x.x). So the network now runs as fast as it should.
Q. We have a lot of overseas visitors that come and go on a daily/weekly basis these visitors often carry viruses and or trogons as their local support back home do not care (understand ?)about the problems this can course. I want to improve the local user?s security by giving our visitors a separate lease on a 3rd subnet (172.34.x.x). Is this possible? These visitors will have a different start to the host name ie XXXJP to our XXXUK but they will be placed all over our building and not confined to one location. Is this possible using win2003 Enterprise ?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to DHCP Question

Yes it is possible but you'll need to write som code to make the Trusts different to allow these nocompany NB's to log in through the desired Subnet. You could do this through Active Directory or Group Policies depending on how well you know the rules involved.

You could try these MS articles as a reference

But as these NB's are infected you'll need quite a lot of Real Time protection involved as you don't want to run the risk of infecting the entire LAN.

Really the best way would be to setup a Nix server for this purpose as mostly they remain unaffected by Windows Infections but evwen they you would need to have dedicated Plug In Points all through the building.


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