DHCP reservations and "BAD ADDRESS"

By zumaz ·
DHCP reservations have been made for servers, printers, some workstations, in the - range. The DHCP server only hands out addresses in the - range.

We are a private university (around 80 "managed" machines and 500 students that come and go with their own computers). Students will often times come in with a hardcoded ip address and bump one of our "reserved" machines off (sometimes they bump an important server). What is really annoying is that in order to delete the "BAD ADDRESS" you have to actually re-enter your MAC address and machine description.

For what it's worth we collect every student and faculty's MAC address. Our HP switches won't let them in without a MAC. So, it is pretty easy to find the offenders but the damage has been done at that point.

I suspect they are changing to a static ip to get software cracks to work. Sometimes faculty have their own practice where they get set up static on their laptops and then return to our campus.

Until we go to a different ip scheme later next year...

#1)Is there any way to keep machines with a hardcoded address OFF the network?
#2)Is there any way to prevent Win 2003 server from destroying your reservation?

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Group Policy

by Nimmo In reply to DHCP reservations and "BA ...

You should use a group policy to disallow users from accessing and changing the network settings.

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Most machines are NOT on the domain

by zumaz In reply to Group Policy

Ok, here's the rub: The 500 machines that come and go are NOT on our domain. This is per school policy. We have no control over this and it will not change. I realize there may not be a lot we can do but that's why I am posting here for all to comment. Thanks

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