DHCP Router MESS with ATT Uverse Please HELP!!!

By Firebird2010 ·
Hello everyone! I am new to this group and need to get my these (2) systems up and running for this church web server and email server.

Ok so here is the big picture situation. I do NOT know much about router configs other then the basics of gateway and static IP and dynamic IP address simple stuff. My problem is that I have a ATT modem service to are area that will only allow a certain modem gateway to be used. It has a DHCP server built into the gateway, impossible to disable. I checked and double checked with ATT Uverse. I have 8 static IP addresses they gave me. I will make up these addresses just so you can follow along here.

Some History and background:
I can USE (1) LAN Card off the mother board and/or add a 2nd LAN card in the PCi slot. My computer is new and fast and has 4 gig of ram and plenty of space. I doubt this is a hardware or software issue. More or less a Router setup and TCP/IP setup and DHCP problem. used to be my Dynamic IP address. Supposely this could change at any time and renew. Always stayed the same no matter what they said about Dynamic Ip addresses changing. So this would come into my Uverse router and the DHCP server of my Uverse would give out thru to any desktop computers in the church. The gateway to enter the modem was
Next....we purchased a set of IP static addresses:
We shall call them : these fake ( here thru gets hard wired into the Uverse Modem as the new gateway address. (Why? No idea its just how Uverse sets it up) is the Broadcast OUT is the Broadcast IN
So I am left with (5) Static IP adx's to give to my (2) servers here.
So Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 will go on (or .72, or 73 or 74 or .75 doesnt matter really) Linux Server Fedora 10 same thing. So we will pu that on address
Here is the problem. When I attempt to setup any Server, either Linux or Windows, it tells me. I have a DHCP server ALREADY on the network (its telling me the address of the gateway every time) so please disconnect from the DHCP and then hit continue with the setup. And this makes perfect sense to me. The server wants to create its own DHCP server and spool out its own addresses. I get that.
How can I solve this problem since I can NOT shut off my DHCP server on the Uverse gateway modem? Does anyone have a simple step by step solution? I can offer up any details on my gateway router options if you ask. And I guess I can inject another router or LAN card in between my server and gateway as well. So there are options here.

Or a web page site with details on this? Thank you so much for any help and God Bless! You can email privately or post here. Whatever you would prefer. I accept emails. :)

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Do you have to give the servers static addresses?

by seanferd In reply to DHCP Router MESS with ATT ...

DHCP should give them one of the valid addresses from the pool of 5.

Otherwise, if for some reason you just need static internet-facing IP address, you shouldn't need any staic addresses internally.

I suppose another choice, if you want static addresses in the LAN, would be to set up another plain router between the Uverse gateway and the LAN.

I'm sure someone much more knowledgeable than I will be more specific. Best of luck.

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To Static or Not to static..that is the question

by Firebird2010 In reply to Do you have to give the s ...

Forgive me here, I am new to tech, and still in process of doing self-elearning education. I have heard you can buy DNS services to mimick a static IP address but I always assumed if you want to setup a real server using the Church Domain .org then its best to have an ip address to the domain for name resolution. They used to have a dynamic ip address, (the strange thing is that the same dynamic seems to be still there somewhat as I explained earlier) So do I really need a static to setup these (2) servers for the church? What is best security and etc etc. I really do not know that answer. But for now we have (5) statics they gave us as explained earlier and still no resolution on how to get the statics to play nice with this gateway router. I was told a huge clue to my problem is that when the server returns an error during setup, its says, "Please disable your DHCP server on this network and then it lists the static IP address (used as the gateway for the static sets)

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DNS services

by seanferd In reply to To Static or Not to stati ...
For free, they point a domain name at your dynamic IP.

But this is for your internet-facing address, and you already have one of those (the external address of the gateway).

edit: Not entirely sure her, but can't you just physically disconnect from the gateway while you set up the server?

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It did not help much in the long run, but thanks for reply.

by Firebird2010 In reply to DNS services

Ok that worked. But it did not help much in the long run, but thanks for reply. I was able to get past the intial setup. So now what I have is an error sitting in my cue for Windows 2008 SBS saying I need to correct the DHCP and get it off the network. The internet works if I give it a static Ip address. But it won't give out DHCP addresses at all to any of the desktops in the Church building. So now I guess somehow I tweak this server and the router into what? I am lost here. I guess what I need to do is create some sort of "wall" in which the server can not see the DHCP server on the modem BUT see the static IP addresses. I think I might need to start reading more but I have no clue where to begin. More info here to add on status of the network. This is now a real problem the way it is, I can not get any of the printers or desktops to see the server network or get internet access. Just the server works with a fixed static IP or with putting it to accept DHCP from the modem.

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Well, what I'll do now is "bump" this thread

by seanferd In reply to It did not help much in ...

I'll come back occasionally, or you can as well, and edit a post or add a new one to keep your question in the active display of listed questions.

I really can't suggest anything further myself.

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by seanferd In reply to Well, what I'll do now is ...
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DHCP Router MESS with ATT Uverse Please HELP!!!

by Firebird2010 In reply to Bump

Still no luck in solving this. It appears this has stumped everyone. I am surprised more people with this modem does NOT have this problem but then again I was informed this morning that this is a new 2 month old product and all. So how many users they have on this gateway with static IP addresses. Want to take a guess? Less then 500 I was told nationwide. ughhh!!! I guess they do not market this products and services to well. Anyone want to try and help me please? Thanks for any support. :)

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Another bump (nt)

by seanferd In reply to Bump
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Again with the bump

by seanferd In reply to Bump

Someone who knows the first thing about networking probably has an obvious answer. :)

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One more for the cause

by seanferd In reply to Bump

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