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By m.rizhwaan ·
We have four subnets (WAN Sites). 10.1.1.x and 10.1.2.x and 10.1.3.x and 10.1.6.x.

Our 10.1.1.x clients have been configured to obtain IP addresses from the DHCP server (Domain Controller in 10.1.1.x site). However, we have noticed that when you put clients to DHCP, for some reason they obtain an IP address from the 10.1.2.X subnet.

In addition to that, we have 189 IP addresses available in the DHCP pool for 10.1.1.x site and I am sure we don?t have that number of client machines here. However, this DHCP scope gets full every now and then. So when it gets full some clients who boot their machines cannot obtain an address and are assigned 169.254.x.x. All clients who are unsuccessful from the DHCP server get this same IP and that is when they get an IP address conflict error.

We worked around this and one of the actions we took to solve this was reduce the address lease time to one day. However, this measure didn?t solve our problem.

i would really appreciate suggestions or permanent solutions from anybody. All your input will be highly appreciated.

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