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    DHCP Scopes goes inactive


    by k4k ·

    One of the DHCP server running on WIn 2000 is having about 120 scopes. all these scopes went inactive suddenly , later every scope was made active. In the event logs we do not see any errors relavent to DHCP . what are the possible reasons for DHCP scopes to go inactive.

    thx in Advance

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      Reply To: DHCP Scopes goes inactive

      by liame ·

      In reply to DHCP Scopes goes inactive

      I’ve never seen that happen and can’t imagine a good reason why it would. I did however have something similar a couple of weeks back with server where the DNS service that just kept trashing itself. In that case the raid array failed a couple of days later – after that was repaired its been fine ever since.

      No to be a scare monger, but it just be the harbinger of doom – for a disk drive anyway.

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      Reply To: DHCP Scopes goes inactive

      by sgt_shultz ·

      In reply to DHCP Scopes goes inactive

      you mean inactive and not unauthorized right?
      what has changed lately? new windows updates?
      how many dhcp servers are on this network?
      i take it this is an AD network?
      what clued you in that the scopes were inactive? login problem, then you looked at the server? and manually reactivating didn’t work? but later they come on? sounds like an AD related problem to me. tell us more about your site and domain setup…
      what errors DO you see in the event log? on both the dhcp server and the client? have you looked at the dhcp log or just the system logs?
      things i know of that will inactivate:
      – another dhcp server coming on the network (has to be a AD recognised dhcp server)
      – a corrupt dhcp database (so i would check for disk errors as suggested)
      did you reboot the dhcp server to make it work again?
      it sounds to me like you are not the admin, like you are trying to guess for the admin…because you need to supply lots more info…

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