DHCP Table Question

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DHCP Table showing multiple IP's to some devices. Some devices show up anywhere from 3 to 20+ times in the DHCP Table on the firewall. Seems to be a new behavior.

The way it shows up is Device1 with IP and mac then the same name Device 1 with a second IP and no mac showing additional times. Only for a few devices. Have had one device take 34 IP's and others take 3. This fills up the DHCP table quickly and no more leases can be given.
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DHCP Table Question

by alittle1 In reply to DHCP Table Question

I found what was going on. Somewhere in our process the DHCP must have been set to a long lease time. Some of the IP's were in use by other DHCP clients that were showing a renewal date in 2030 Once these were manually renewed the DHCP table started looking correct. I believe this is because the client checked and received the answer back that the IP was taken, just as if it was a static IP used that was in a DHCP range.

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