DHCP server conficts with Linksys router

By e_canaan ·
Hello everyone,

I setup a wireless Linksys(wrt300n)router on our network with DHCP enabled, so employees who connect to it can access the internet.

After a short while, The main DHCP server on our Windows 2003 server shuts down as it detects a conflict.

HOw can I resolve this.
Many thanks

E. canaan.

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Use an access point instead of a router

by DMambo In reply to DHCP server conficts with ...

Is there a reason that you have a secondary router? Your primary router should be your gateway and an AP will give your wireless clients access to your network and therefore to your default gateway.

If the Linksys is your only router, configure it with a static (and reserved) IP address and use that as your gateway.

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re:Use an access point instead of a router

by e_canaan In reply to Use an access point inste ...

Thank your very much for your reply.
I don't however understand exacly what you mean when you say use access point instead of a router.
I only have one router(linksys wrt300n - only to provide wireless connection) and this is how I have it setup:

- The "wan" connection in the back is linked directly to our ISP DSL modem.
- one of the other 4 available connections is linked to one of our network switches. So users can authenticate to the local network if needed.

So the router has one Internet(public) IP (i.e 142. etc...) and one Internal IP (i.e 192.168. etc...)

The default gateway on the router is set to the ISP's defaut gateway, as oppose to all clients internally whose gateway is set to the internal IP address of the firewall.
I hope this helps..
E. Canaan

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you need the wireless router set up in 'bridge mode'

by sgt_shultz In reply to re:Use an access point in ...

then it will act like part of your network.
you need to set the gateway on everybody to your internal dns server and then put a forward on your dns server to send any address resolution queries for addresses outside the lan to your ips's dns servers.
how to configure the forwarders is found at
how to configure the router in bridgemode is found at
having the isp field all your dns responses first is slowing down tons of stuff (including logons) on your network.

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re:you need the wireless router set up in

by e_canaan In reply to you need the wireless rou ...

Thank you sgt_shultz.. I will try that.

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Turn Off DHCP on the Router

by rkuhn In reply to DHCP server conficts with ...

Should be a simple check box.

On a small network (I'm assuming it's a small network since you're using a LinkSys router), you have a choice of using your server for DHCP or the router (not both).

My home network is setup in a similar fashion as what you describe. I use a D-Link though and have W2k3 server.

But with DNS and DHCP you have a choice, use the router or the server but not both.

If you wanted to get sophisticated about it, you could probably write a new DHCP scope and in it (I haven't tried this yet) you could specify to your client PC's the first DHCP server and it's fail over (the router).

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re:Turn Off DHCP on the Router

by e_canaan In reply to Turn Off DHCP on the Rout ...

THank you rickk for the reply..

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Not a Problem

by rkuhn In reply to re:Turn Off DHCP on the R ...

Anything else, let us know.

I, in particular, am pretty good at mixing and matching enterprise and home hardware/software together to come up with some pretty elaborate and cheap home networks.

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2 DHCP servers

by tae_song In reply to Turn Off DHCP on the Rout ...

I don't know if this will work, but you could try this.

You could assign one DHCP server 2-127 and the other to 128-254. (or whatever arrangement you use).

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DHCP server conficts with Linksys router

by arthurobot In reply to DHCP server conficts with ...

your router is configured as dhcp server and at the same time using a windows 2003 server setup as dhcp server? two dhcp server must not run with the same network :-).if your router is configured to dhcp, i recommend static because if you are in dhcp the client computer will not know the gateway (internet connectivity) it changes every time there is a power outage.

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