DHCP Server Configuration in WIN2003 domain

By vksumanlal ·

Recently I struck in between configuring DHCP server on both PDC and BDC
Here is my description of environment
I have 2 DCs ,. PDC and its replication Partner BDC.
Both are working fine and Primary and secondary DNS are working smoothly
There is no errors in domain replication DNS ect.

I installed DHCP in PDC
Scope to

Also I created same on BDC
Scope to

I didn?t find (don?t know ) to make one as primary

The problem I faced is Both DHCP servers are not seeing each other . If PDC is giving an IP to a DHCP client , It is not updating to BDC DHCP. SO BDC is giving the IPs which PDC already given out and getting IP ADDRESS CONFLICT

Now I removed DHCP FROM BDC
I have only one DHCP running
SO now my worry is if something happened to PDC BDC will not take care of giving IP address to clients

How I can Install DHCP in BDC with the same scope

Looking for your answers



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You're not supposed to

by Churdoo In reply to DHCP Server Configuration ...

There should only be 1 DHCP server on a given "collision domain" otherwise you enter into precisely the situation that you are having.

You can do one of two things:
1) Have both DHCP servers configured and ready, but have only 1 active at a given time. If you have a failure, you can quickly copy the DHCP database and activate the scope on the stand-by DHCP server
2) You can, although again not recommended, create non-overlapping scopes on each server, i.e. scope on server1= to and scope on server2 scope = to and have them both active at the same time.

In scenario #2, you want each scope to be large enough to address your entire DHCP client population since the whole reason for this redundancy is for failover, so you may have to increase your IP network, i.e. reduce your subnet mask.

Did I mention scenario #2 is not recommended?

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DHCP Server Configuration in WIN2003 domain

by vksumanlal In reply to You're not supposed to

Hello Friends
Thanks for your reply

I clearly understand the solutions. I am still having a doubt in my mind. I am not sure abt it . But for getting a clear picture I like to ask
Does this (Multiple DHCP servers) posible in win2000 domains?.

Thanking you guys Ones again and waiting for ur update



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You can't...

by LarryD4 In reply to DHCP Server Configuration ...

You can only have one active DHCP Server Scope for one IP sub. You could split the ip sub and serve half from one server and the other half on another server, but thats still not going to solve your issue.
(I thought the 2003 AD Schema removed the old PDC BDC concept)

A DHCP Server can support multiple scopes serving different IP subs, but two DHCP scopes cannot be active on the same network for its own IP subnet.
You could keep the current active Scope on the PDC and a copy of that scope on your "Backup" but make sure the scope on the "Backup" is inactive.

With a pretty simple VB script you can backup you primary DHCP scope and restore it to the backup so the backup is constantly updated.

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