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DHCP server implementation

By Bayk ·
I have implemented a DHCP server on my network with a span of ten addresses. Only seven computers are configured to obtain their IP addresse by DHCP.
When I check the DHCP mangement interface on the server I notice that invariably one station has taken 4 IP addresses. Of the 4 lines assigned to the same station one shows a normal client icon (i.e. a screen+keyboard) the three other lines have icons representing a screen+keyboard+phone.
Can someone tell me why this is happening?

Thank you

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DHCP server implementation

by timwalsh In reply to DHCP server implementatio ...

Is it the same workstation every time?

Do you have RRAS installed with DHCP set to provide IP addresses for RAS clients?

If the same workstation is always the problem, does it have a modem installed?

I suspect that the client is getting an IP address over a normal network connection and also (somehow) connecting via RRAS and getting additional IP addresses assigned. You should be able to click properties for a given lease and view both time issued and time of expiration to see if the IP address leases were issued at the same or different times.

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DHCP server implementation

by netxt In reply to DHCP server implementatio ...

It seems that the computer you are speaking about has RAS istalled and configured to make outgoing conection and it will use DHCP to assign IP addresses. The assigned addresses apare as you described.If you don't use this computer as RAS server disable the Receive calls obtion from the RAS configuration and delete the orphaned addresses in the DHCP mangement interface
I prefer to use static address pool instead of DHCP to assign IPs for my remote clients.
I recomand you to visite to read more about this problem

Sandor Papp

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DHCP server implementation

by Bayk In reply to DHCP server implementatio ...

You are right the DHCP server does give IP addresses to modem connections on the said stations. However I have checked and RRAS is not installed on any of the said stations.
Any other clues?

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