DHCP server not handing out ip address

By shuttersn ·
Hi, I am having an issue with our dhcp server, i am using the dhcp server in windows 2003. This is what is happening. We have a subnet 10.10.0.x and since we are growing we have added another subnet to our network which is 10.10.8.x, now the new subnet works great when the address are static. I have added a new scope on the dhcp server for this new subnet. But here is the problem with this new subnet the dhcp server will not hand out any ip address! I have even set up a dhcp server on another server with the same results. DHCP hands out the 10.10.0.x subnet ip's with no problem but the new subnet it wont. I have searched and have came up with no answers on this problem.

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Request forwarder.

by bart777 In reply to DHCP server not handing o ...

Make sure that the router you are using is set to forward DHCP requests to the server.

The alternative is to put a forwarder box on that subnet to do the job for you.

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by shuttersn In reply to Request forwarder.

so your suggesting a dhcp relay right?

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by bart777 In reply to relay

I've had customers that did something similar but didn't have teh router configured to pass the DHCP requests to the correct server. Once they opened that all was well.

The other way to do is would be to create a DHCP Relay Agent service on a box in the offending network segment.

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Are you multinetting, or running multiple VLANs?

by robo_dev In reply to DHCP server not handing o ...

In the server are you superscoping? (love that word)

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Thank you robo.

by bart777 In reply to Are you multinetting, or ...

See what I get for assuming. :)

Good catch, thanks.

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by shuttersn In reply to Are you multinetting, or ...

yes the server has a superscope with both subnets in it. I have set Routing and remote access to forward dhcp requets to the dhcp server but will no luck still. The server still will not hand out those 10.10.8.x ip's!

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