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DHCP server unavailable

By wordmaster1 ·

I am running 98SE, Abit board, 3200 64bit AMD Sempron, 512 mb 266 RAM, in a workstation using a Netware 3.12 server. DSL is from a fiber optic supplier and there is no visible router, just patch cable from wall to hub.

We have 8 computers all running 98SE and with internet access. 7 of them are doing fine. One is not getting internet connection.

The one with no DSL connection has no problem with connecting to the server. Winipcfg shows (I beleive it is) 192.254.x.x or similar indicating a static IP.

When I try release and renew, I get "DHCP server unavailable" after it sets a few minutes.

I have (properly) uninstalled Zone Alarm and AVG. I have disabled the on board ethernet port and installed a card. I have run a cable check from the computer to the hub and changed to a different port. I have moved the computer an hooked it to a cable from a known working computer. I have completely done away with all networking, rebooted several times, then re-installed all networking with everything set just as it is on the computers that are working.

I have reinstalled 98SE. I have tried putting in IP addresses and all the rest in the TCP/IP boxes, all and each one, one at a time. There are no irq problems.

The latest thing I have done was to go into the registry, found a key "DHCPinfo" and redone everything in that key to match what was in the same place in a clone of that computer that is working. This was a mistake as I am presently getting a windows protection error after rebooting. I made a registry backup so I can fix that, but why did this give me a protection error?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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by wordmaster1 In reply to DHCP server unavailable

One other thing, the computer was working fine and the user went on vacation for a week. When he came back, the computer would not connect to the internet. No new programs installed, nothing changed. BTW, I have run Adaware, Spybot S& D and checked for virii. All clean.

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by CG IT In reply to DHCP server unavailable

tough one.

you've done just about what any tech would do to solve the problem including a reinstall.

What happens if you try to ping the loopback address, DHCP server?

only thing I could suggest is to check the LMHOSTs file. See if there's anything wrong listed.

maybe look at the ARP file or clear the ARP cache. :shrug:

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by wordmaster1 In reply to DHCP server unavailable

I can do a loop back ping to the static ip showing on the computer, I can also ping another computer on the hub.

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by CG IT In reply to DHCP server unavailable

ok you can ping the loopback, can you ping the DHCP server address? Another server doesn't count.

Got a firewall? if so, then it might be blocking DHCP traffic.

After that I'm at a loss other than a corrupt TCP/IP stack what should have been fixed with a reinstall.

There are tools Dr TCP and Tweek Test from DSL reports you might try ....

:::shrug::: you've done just about everything but replace the kitchen sink.......

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by CG IT In reply to

link to some TCP tools

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by Blue screen In reply to DHCP server unavailable

Whao! Haven't work on Win 98 for awhile but i'll give it a shot...

First i don't think you can renew a pc with a static address only a pc with a dhcp address from server.

Second go to properties of the tcp/ip and make sure you check the netware for windows protocol.

Third make sure your server's address (range) through etc. are enough for all your pc's.
and lastly when you create something on the registry make sure to check a dword value, hex value, multi string, etc.

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