dhcp superscope changes by itself

By firdavs_metu2002 ·
i have insalled dhcp to win server 2003. It worked fine.
Then i added a new network card for internet connection. The isp assigns a dynamic ip to my server.
When i connect to the internet, my dhcp's superscope ip changes to the server's wan ip.
for example, if dhcp supercope was:, it changes to kind of thing, and unauthorizes, no longer assigns ip to the client pc's.
What should i do?

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take the added network card out

by CG IT In reply to dhcp superscope changes b ...

should solve the problem.

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apart of silly answers

by firdavs_metu2002 In reply to take the added network ca ...

it is not the option

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Actually it's not a silly suggestion

by CG IT In reply to apart of silly answers

Suggest that you go to Microsoft Technet and read up on multi-homed servers and computers, including superscopes.

DHCP, in 99.9% of the time will not automatically authorize a scope. You can create a scope, even a superscope, but before DHCP will give out addresses, the scopes must be authorized.

The other problem is that the sever really isn't designed to be a router. Adding in a second network card turns the server into a router. So you have to configure the server to route traffic the way you want. Your problem is that the server isn't configured properly to route traffic.

So the question for you is, what networks interfaces are shown in DHCP and what scopes are for the interfaces?

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by firdavs_metu2002 In reply to Actually it's not a silly ...

i am truely sorry if i hurt you CG IT.

You are exactly at that point.
My server is a router, but the internet is distributed by ISA Server 2006 (proxy server), i dont share internet connection.

I just have 2 nic interfaces, one for WAN and one for LAN. Is it so difficult to just make the server (DHCP) give out ip addresses to the pc's connected to the LAN only, and not bother with WAN?

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I'm here for the laughs

by CG IT In reply to exactly

You have just experienced what happens when you try to mutihome a server that already has been setup with DHCP services.

As I said, I'm here for the laughs.

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