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dhcp-win nt

By wbrummet ·
have several mobile laptops, each logging in at different subnets. dhcp wont release on shutdown-so i cant logon to a different subnet. where in the registry can i set dhcp to release on shutdown....????

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Re: dhcp-win nt

by tumtum73 In reply to dhcp-win nt

I think your best bet is not to use DHCP. Set you laptop in advanced TCP/IP properties to be multihomed. You can assign several IP addresses to one NIC, and it will use the one that works.

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by daryn In reply to dhcp-win nt

This seems very strange as this normally only occurs if the pc is not shutdown correctly I would give the Microsoft Knowledge Base a search and see what it comes up with otherwise install the latest service packs on both server and workstations

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DHCP in Windows NT

by Paage In reply to DHCP WIN NT PROBLEM

If you upgrade to SP6a, that should fix the problem. If not, there's probably a batch file you can setup at system shutdown to do the job.

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Ever heard of release?

by mbarta In reply to DHCP in Windows NT

You can run ipconfig or winipcfg depending on which OS your using and have it release (there's a release button) your network settings before you shutdown. Then it will be fresh when you bring the machine back up. Or...You dont even have to reboot the machine. There is also a refresh button that will update the settings. There are my two cents

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by wbrummet In reply to Ever heard of release?

enduser cant use the 'release' command because he's doesnt have admin rights. help

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Can ipconfig work without admin rights?

by mwelch In reply to dhcp

I work for a large business, and we have differant groups that we want to have the ability to release and renew an IP address within NT/2000 without having an administrator type account. In fact I personally think that the end user should be given the ability to perform this function, since it really doesn't seem to be able to break anything.

The option is to give these people Admin rights on the local machine and then they could install whatever they want to.

At this time I am not finding any way to release/renew IP address within NT for anyone but Admin.

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