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DHCP yet again

By mark_lt ·
Well, The points keep going up so I am bound to get the right answer soon.

this is the problemAfter having to sort out the ealier problems with DHCp, its now working, except for the allocation of the default gateway.

There is no global scope,just the local one.

All clients are set to only use DHCP, no manual settings
The same problem on win9x, NT4 and MAC
The gateway is valid and on the same subnet.

Scope is to and it has the whole static IP pool excluded from this range.

DHCP server is
WINS server is
Def Router is

I removed DHCP, bounced, re-installed DHCP, re service pack6a.
gave it a scope from 01 to 254 (class c)
router = IP of mainrouter
domain = domain name
wins = wins server IP (same as dhcp)
node type 0x8
DHCP has the 003 router entry and it does contain the correct IP for the gateway, but all clients get their own DHCP IP address as the default gateway, the same as how it works in RAS

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DHCP yet again

by guy In reply to DHCP yet again :(

Do you have a switched network? If so Technet article Q249003 may have the answer.

(From what you say I would rule out an incorrect subnet mask e.g you ARE using


When you release or renew a DHCP client or when you lease an IP address during
startup on a switched network, you may receive an IP address and default gateway
address that are identical.

For example, if your computer is supposed to use the following IP addresses

IP address:
Default Gateway:

you may actually receive identical addresses:

IP address:
Default Gateway:


This issue can occur if the setting on the Auto Gateway Control or Auto
Broadcast Control switch is turned on.


To resolve this issue, contact the manufacturer of your Ethernet switch.

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DHCP yet again

by mark_lt In reply to DHCP yet again :(

damn your good, how come I have searched technet for days and not found this Q number? how did you search for it.

I have awarded the points as I am sure this is the answer.


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