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DHL doesn't care about its customers or its employees

By fnldriver ·
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DHL cares only about their own pockets, not about people

by fnldriver In reply to DHL doesn't care about it ...

<h3>DHL needs to learn it cannot allow abuse, harrassment, threatening or discrimination of its employees. If any corporation thinks it's to big to obey the law, we the public must change that idea. </h3>

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DHL doesn't care about its customers or its employees

by fnldriver In reply to DHL cares only about thei ...

<p><strong>For those who may not have heard about DHL, it is a international courier company and most of the stations are run by independant contractors. I was employed at the Loveland, Colorado station until Sept 15th 2005 when I was fired due to my disability, bi polar manic depressive. My manager had spent nearly a year attempting to get me to quit, by his own admission. I kept requesting time to be allowed to see a doctor and get on meds for my condition which was steadily worsening each day. I was told that the station was short handed of drivers so I had to take care of the other driver in the town I delivered to as he was new and slower. My manager claimed he couldnt make the other driver do his share of the work as he might quit so I couldnt have time off during the day like all the other drivers were allowed. I was told that the town I delivered to was so easy that a retarded monkey could handle my area and that I wasn't a real driver due to how easy it was there. I had no right to bother my supervisor with my problems. I finally had a complete melt down one evening after work and was crying and screaming on the floor at work begging for help and my supervisor was walking away, he turned around and said He didn't care about my problems as he had real drivers with real problems.Those real problems were several of the male drivers were dodging child support payments so he was helping them hide. I was fired shortly after that but not until after he had threatened, illegally, as it turns out, to fire me if he felt I was too sick to work. His boss who is the contractor for Loveland, as well as a heck of a lot of people at DHL know about all this and yet nothing has been done to censure or correct the behavior or illegal acts.</strong></p>

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