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DHS doesn't know Jack (B)!

By Dr Dij ·
Appears the Deparment of Homeland Security needs Jack Bauer! He could come and pound silly the person who originally sent out an email to 7500 people and didn't put their addresses in the BCC field. Put their head inside a running server (very hot and noisy) and get them to confess they were trying to get email addresses to the Iranians!

This started an email cascade explostion of 2 million emails.

I send out emails monthly for our club and the Austin chapter sends me their newsletter with all the people in the CC field despite being me repeatedly asking for them to use the blind copy field instead.

It is a natural reaction to hit 'reply all'. So it is the fault of the person who sent the original email they replied to IMHO.

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by Tig2 In reply to DHS doesn't know Jack (B) ...

Yes, Virginia, we are still that stupid.

What does it take to communicate the absolute value of security? And why do we continue to see "errors" like these daily?


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Not surprised in the least.

by Inkling In reply to Unbelievable

This is nothing compared to some of the classified "spillages" I witnessed and investigated while I was in the Marine Corps.

We had a full-bird Colonel send information regarding real-time troop movements on our unsecured network. Then several of the people he sent it to forwarded it on to others.

Luckily, we stopped it before it went any further...

And that wasn't even the worst I've seen.

Most were no big deal, but there were enough bad ones where I stopped being amazed.

Look up 'DISA' to see what it stands for. I would guesstimate that 95% of the spillages we handled originated with them (and it wasn't just because we handled a lot from them).

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I was with you right up until

by CharlieSpencer In reply to DHS doesn't know Jack (B) ...

"It is a natural reaction to hit 'reply all'."

I don't think anything about a using a computer could be described as "a natural reaction". You may have learned to hit "Reply to All" instead of "Reply", but that doesn't mean everyone else does.

I'd stop working with the Austin boys. While this case involved a non-profit, I have had great results with businesses by threatening to take my business elsewhere, and following through on that threat when necessary. I had this problem with a software training company. The first time I replied to the sender. The second time I replied to everyone on the distribution that worked for that company, including the president. I told them if it happens again, I'll reply to everyone, including other customers, and ask why a company that teaches network security can't grasp the concept of BCC.

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