DI-524 Problem

By SkyAngelz ·
Hey guys, could you help me?
So, I reseted my DI-524.When i tried, to connect by wire, it worked and it still works.But my parents can't connect by wireless.It gives no error, it says They're connected but under it, it says ''No internet acces''.
What can I do? Help me please.

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Try these...

by gechurch In reply to DI-524 Problem

I'd start by confirming they are indeed connected to the wifi properly (it sounds as though they are, but when you reset the device it may have lost/reset the wireless details). Run ipconfig to see what their IP addres is. If it starts with 169 then you aren't really connected to the wireless. If it starts with something else (probably 192 or 10) then you're likely connected to the router. Try pinging the router IP address (which should be something like If you get a reply they really can communicate with the DI-524. If they can't communicate with the wireless, delete the wireless network from their computer then connect again from scratch (noting, as above, that the SSID and key not be what you think they are). Also make sure their computers are using a DHCP address instead of static.

If ping does work, try pinging an Internet IP address like If you get a reply then you're successfully able to connect to the wifi, then out to the Internet. If you get this far but browsing doesn't work you've probably got a DNS problem. Check what their DNS server is. Make sure it's getting DNS from the router (I'm assuming that is the DHCP server).

Let us know how far you get with these steps and if you get stuck tell us what did and didn't work and we can help further. Also let me know if you need clarification on what DNS/DHCP etc are and how to check the settings... I've assumed you know a bit about what you're doing since you're on here and know how to reset routers to defaults.

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