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DI-524 Wireless Router & Sharing Printer

By the4thzodiac ·

I have the following setup, and would appreciate if someone could assist me in sorting out a few issues:

DSL1 --> (Wired) PC1, PC2, PC3 (10.7.100.z, DHCP)
DSL1 --> DI-524 (D-Link, Wireless Router)
DI-524 --> (WiFi) Laptop1, Laptop2 (192.168.0.w, DHCP)

I have a printer connected to Laptop1, how can I setup the DI-524 Wireless Router to share it to PC1, PC2 and PC3? Does it offer such a functionality?

Also, there are a few shares on PC1, PC2, which needs to be accessed from Laptops 1 & 2. I mapped the network drives using the IP addresses, but since they are dynamic, would I have to re-map them every time the lease expires? Or would Windows figure out on its on and let me connect automatically? I can do it manually, but when the shared folders are accessed by less computer savvy folks, I'd prefer to automate the process :-).

Thanks a lot, any help/pointers appreciated.


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