Diagnose Wifi adapter loosing connection

By miguelokstein ·
I have this USB Wifi adapter that keeps discconecting from internet. It just loose connectivity. it keeps working ( has a green led ) and never loose USB connectivity.
The device is a TP-LINK 720N and it uses Atheros 9270 chip. I have been told that maybe it was a conflict between Windows 10 and device driver so downgraded to Windows 7 and it fails the same way with the manufacturer's driver.
Maybe some of you knows a way ( or tool) to troubleshoot or diagnose this device to identify what is the root cause of connectivity loss. Thank you in advance for it !

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As both Windows 10 and 7 use the same driver it may still be a driver issue

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Diagnose Wifi adapter loo ...

But more likely it is something else and has something to do with the way that WiFi Signals Propergrate.

If you can change the plane that the adapter is in either by it if flips up flipping it up or down depending on which way it was previously being used or stick it on the end of a USB Extention Lead and hang it in a different plane. So if previously it was parell to the floor have it at right angles to the floor.

Then if that doesn't make any difference you can look at where the WiFi Router is in relation to this adapter. If it is on a different level that will most likely be the problem as WiFi Signals tend to propergrate on the same level as the device that is producing them. To change this you need to change the areial or if it is one of these WiFi Routers that has everything internal put the router on it's edge instead of it's base or vise versa depending on how it is sitting now.

Then there are the things thta really mess things up while the Adverage WiFi Signal will cover a 500 metre radius things can interfere with the signal so things like metal walls or screened walls/windows will stop the signal traveling through them or if there is a lot of metal that is earthed around a room you may have effectively what is called a Faraday Cage which is meant to stop all RF Energy passing through.

Then there are the things that Activelly Interfere with WiFi Signals so another WiFi Producing device may be overpowering the receever and causing it to loose conectivity or something like a Microwave Oven or Fluro Light Fitting may even actually stop the signal in it's tracks or interfere so badly that it is effectively stopped.

If you can rule out Driver Problems between the chip set of the device and the OS in use which in most cases just means installing the driver for that OS then you have to start getting involved with the way that RF works and how it forms the shape of the signal and what can interfere with it.

Of course it could also just be a Device that is faulty and has a High Impedence joint which causes the signal to be lost while still showing that it is working.

As for Utilities to fault find doing it from the device that is loosing signal is hard but if you have a different system that you can use then something like Wireshark may be useful. as it will tell you what is actually happening tot he signal and you can then start investigating what is happening.

Yes I know WiFi is great when it works and a Pain when it isn't.

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by miguelokstein In reply to As both Windows 10 and 7 ...

Trully thank you for your answer. you give a lot to work with. I'll back when I have news to tell

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I should also have adeed the Blindly obvious

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thanks

Stick the device in another USB Socket it is always possible that the Socket itself is faulty.

If you have several USB devices on a single Socket instead of a Unpowered Hub you should be using a Powered USB Hub as a USB Socket only has 500 Milli Watts Present and the power may have dropped below the threshold of the device to keep working.

Then it could be a faulty socket itself where the tracks that make contact have been worn to such an extent that they no longer make constant contact. It is possible that the Power lines are producing power but that the Data Lines are not passing a consesint connection and causing the device to drop out but as the power remains it looks as if it is working.

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