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Diagnosing firewall software bugs

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Tell us what you think about diagnosing firewall software bugs, as featured in the latest Internet Security Focus e-newsletter. Have you ever had difficulty diagnosing a bug in firewall software? What steps did you take to figure out the cause of your troubles? Do you think manufacturers could do more to prevent (or more realistically, limit) firewall software bugs?

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Hmm... Is it partly the browser?

by jdii1215 In reply to Diagnosing firewall softw ...

Ok, if the firewall is accepting some forms of URI without UTF-8 encoding but not with, and converting the encoding to UTF-8 implicitly in the server breaks the linkage access, and it is only SOME sites that do this, then you might try Opera as a browser with the current version and try Netscape 6.2.2. I have used these to get around UTF-8 encoding issues with software-based firewalls, and in several cases it turned out the BROWSER could not parse UTF-8 that the firewall converting from ASCII when special characters were used. Opera can do this, all day long, it is a W3 compliant browser for the most part. If you want to just test, and can restrict yourself to primarily text sites, you might try Amaya 6.0 as a test browser, from http://www.w3.org/ If it works, Opera 6.01 should also, and Netscape might.


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@ problem supposedly fixed FW1 SP6

by clongstreth In reply to Diagnosing firewall softw ...

According to the release notes for the recently released FW1 4.1 SP6, the @ problem has been fixed. I haven't installed it yet.

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