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Dial Out Modem Pool

By bettynumb1 ·
Our company has a need to replace Novell's Netware Connect Modem pool for DIAL OUT access. Will W2K allow our internal users to access a modem pool connected to it and dial out from their desks? They are not dialing the internet - they are dialingindividual vendors or into non networked PC's monitoring equipment. All of the docs on Routing and Remote Access talk mainly about DIAL IN modem pools which is not what I want.

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Dial Out Modem Pool

by expertpc In reply to Dial Out Modem Pool

First things first, you better crank up your points to about a thousand to make it of interest for someone to write a 4-5 paragraph description of your solution.

Short version for you to understand.

You can setup the modem pool for dialing outon request. You would basically map an IP to each modem. Then you would need to either map the resource (customer site or remote device) in WINS, DNS or on the local LMHOSTs file. This way when a user psecified the resource either with a DNS, FQDN, or Netbios call it will resolve to the specific ip (make sure it is an internal/private ip) that you have mapped in RRAS to call to a certainnumber or resource through a specific modem or any available modem in the pool.

Hope this steers you in the right direction.

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