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    Dial out with RAS


    by dpypno ·

    How do I dial out through a RAS server (NT4 SP6a) from WIN98 workstations, to multiple locations, with only the USR modem in the server and RAS ?
    According to Microsoft this can be done, but they want me to call server support to find out how. I’vesearched Technet, but have been unable to find anything. Web Ramp won’t work for what I need, and the customer does not want to spend any extra money on it.

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      Dial out with RAS

      by guy ·

      In reply to Dial out with RAS

      Try installing Proxy Server 2.0 on the RAS Server. Then then configure the clients’ browser to look for the Proxy Server.
      Alternatively you could try Terminal Server.

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      Dial out with RAS

      by jun1cez1 ·

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      To dpypno,
      From the RAS clients (Win98 workstations),to make a dial up connection, go to Dial Up Networking, then make new connections, then configure the modem, the phone number your accessing, then you’re done for the part of it, and you must some networking software installed on that computer, trnsport protocol such as TCP/IP, IPX or Netbeui and some form of redirector.
      In the RAS server, create a new phone book entry for the client and configure it, go with the defaults.
      However, if youhave no idea on how to do this since i’m running out of space, i suggest that you first do a little research. ITS NOT HARD,infact, ITS EASY.


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