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    Dial up


    by 2372624726 ·

    Can it be done???Using a machine running Windows 2000 Server or XP Pro.set up the software to make multiple connections to the I-Net and then make the connections available to any /all users on a LAN.(i.e)One user requests a connection,software views it as multiple users requesting access,therby creating any specified number of connections which the single user can access simultaneously and retrieving data on all open access connections.

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      by joseph moore ·

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      I’m sorry. I’m watching the Chicago Bears play the Vikings (I am in Chicago, so Go Bears), and I am halfway through a 6-pack of Samual Adams. So, I am a little slow right now.
      So, reading your question is difficult. I don’t know if I am understanding it right.
      But, it sounds like you are asking about Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).
      Go there to read an overview of ICS.

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      by juergen hartl ·

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      Seems like you are looking for a proxy server.
      I am running JanaServer here an it brings my LAN online. the link is They also have an english site. It is way more flexible than ICS.

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      by rtc ·

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      In first try to configure Common Network Access.
      By the way it ti be more easy to use WinProxy freeware. Just type it Google or Yahoo, download it, read the simple manual and enjoy.

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