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dial up home pc to gain internet access

By marabuntas ·
With the upgrade to DSL 1.5Mb, Verizon DSL took away my dial up account. Now, they want extra money for dial up when used to be for free (included in the DSL service price).

My question is: In windows 98.. Can I diap-up home and thru my home PC gain access to internet using my dsl sevice already on?

Thank you,

Italo (

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by lumberjack In reply to dial up home pc to gain i ...

Yes if you have something like net-meeting running, then share out your desk top - however you would only be able to browse the web - you wouldnt be able to download anything

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by TheChas In reply to dial up home pc to gain i ...

If you have DSL, why do you need to use a Dial-Up connection?

If you are looking to access your account form a location that does not have DSL, it is complicated to setup your home PC to allow you to dial in.
It also creates a major security risk.

In order to dial up and network to a PC, you need to set up either VPN, or remote desktop software.

TR has published a number of articles on both, so use the search box, and search the site for both VPN and remote access.


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by jschein In reply to dial up home pc to gain i ...

You cannot do this in 98.... You can do this in windows 2000.

Gentlemen, what he was asking was if he was remote, could he just dial his home pc to gain internet access through a hosted pc in his house connected to dsl...because he doesn't want to pay his ISP more money for dial-up access... simple answer = yes... But you cannot do it with 98.

In 2000, you can have your modem pick up, asks for username / pass, type in one that is installed on the machine.

And on the host machine, have "INTERNET CONNECTION SHARING" enabled between your NIC card and modem. It will work that way. 2000 = nogo.

Good luck.

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