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Dial-up Networking

By gemailhiot ·
Windows 95 older version
33.6K internal modem
Iffy telephone line.
V90 comaptible ISPs.
On a good telephone line, I can connect to either of the 2 ISP I use.
On the iffy telephone line, trying to connect to the Internet yields the following message:
"The server you are dialing to is not responding. Try again later"
I cranked up the modem speaker to maximum. I can't hear it dialing.
Same iffy telephone line works fine with 56K modem, or with Hyoerterminal

Any suggestions?


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Dial-up Networking

by jesalyer In reply to Dial-up Networking

Insert three commas both before and after the telephone number in the Telephone Number box in the Properties of the Connection.

This inserts delays into the modem's attempt to 'listen' for the other modem. The delay is two seconds per comma.

This may help. If not, repost and specify the exact modem type. Several of them have unique 'quirks'.

jeff s
spanish support analyst

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Dial-up Networking

by gemailhiot In reply to Dial-up Networking

I have not had a chance to try this solution but I believe it most closely matches the problem conditions. When I have tried it I will feedback to the forum somehow.

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