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Dial Up Networking in WInMe and Win XP

By shuja52 ·
I am a dealer for an ISP for my City and providing Dial up connections to all type of clients, Home User, Corporate using larger networking regime etc., there are a lot of problem in providing proper Dial up connections (settings) when the OS is either Windows 2000, Me and Win XP, I never experienced trouble in getting connectivity in Windows 98...

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I have a related problem.

by jtfinnh In reply to Dial Up Networking in WIn ...

Just as I have with many versions of Windows before XP (Home), I am learning how to install /repair XP in my sleep. I've stumbled across an odd problem. While attempting to multi-boot my installation, I apparently corrupted some part of my connection settings. (I currently connect via dial-up / AOL.) The only repair I found is drastic -- reload the system. I've inflicted this problem on myself, twice. Is there a clear-cut set of files that can be replaced, under Windows. Running a repair (re)installtion DOES not solve the problem. I have tried 1)reinstalling the AOL network files, 2)Reinstalling AOL. 3)Copying what I believe my modem files are from a functioning installation to the falty one. XP only recognizes my modem after being upgraded from ME(in my case).

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