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Dial up settings conflict with Network

By shantie ·
This is complicated but thought I would give it a try. Three computers in a Hotel. One in Bar has software to control pokie machines. A network cable runs between it and main office computer to access the Wildcat software for pokies. Bar/office must have IP address (bar) (office) Default Note* broadband was installed in office computer before this network was set up. Okay now problem is they now want a laptop networked with the office computer. It does not have to access the Bar computer. I got them all working on a network hub/switch okay, but could not access broadband. Tried a broadband router (D-Link) ran Broadband setup disc to configure for network cable instead of USB. Same problem. If I have the network okay cannot access broadband, if I have broadband going cannot access Bar computer. When I run the broadband set up disc says it must change the dynamic IP address, which changes the Bar computers IP settings and cannot access the Pokie software. Wildcat do not give help because the hotel did not buy the other computers from them and broadband ISP Telstra will not help because it is a network.??? Wildcat did suggest a second network card for the network between the office comp and laptop. I tried that this morning but still same problem. Seems to come down to broadband wanting to change the dynamic IP address. Any ideas, all systems are farely new and running XP pro. I did try this same proceedure at home with the broadband router and two networked computers and everything was up and going within 20minutes. So has to be the settings in the Bar computer which I have no access to. ??? thank you

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by BFilmFan In reply to Dial up settings conflict ...

Your message was really hard to read due to it not being broken up into paragraphs.

Also, you should NEVER have posted IP addresses up in a public forum.

Based on what you have shown in your information, the computer in the office is the default gateway to your router. Is the DSL modem connected directly to the office computer?

If so, then the office computer is the gateway and you will need to hard code IP address information for the laptop. You need to set up a hub or switch that will allow all the systems to connect to that office system.


If you don't need hard-coded IP addresses, you can get a 4-port switch and hang the DSL modem off one of the ports and the other systems off the other 3. You can either hard-code or use DHCP to supply the IP addresses, which will be based on whether you have software requirements that require a hard-coded IP address.

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by shantie In reply to

I think I will close this question now, as you have me worried about disclosing the IP address. I am going to suggest that I get the network going between the office/laptop with broadband and they can get the Wildcat expert when he calls to fix up the bar computer. Trouble is living in country town do not get much networking experience. Thank you

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by shantie In reply to Dial up settings conflict ...

Thanks for the quick answer. I did connect them to a 5 port D-Link broadboand router.
The broadband modem is connected directly to the router with a network cable going to the WAN port on the router then office on port one, laptop on port two, and bar on port three.
This way office could access bar software and office and laptop could communicate BUT when I tried to connect to internet said could not find server. Tried manually putting in ISP's IP address, but still can not find server. Tried running the broadband installation disc again and then it wants to change the dynamic IP address, I can then access the internet but not the bar computer. I have not heard the term Hard Core IP address but I presume that is what the Bar computer Has, the other two do not need any special IP address. Hope that helps

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by shantie In reply to Dial up settings conflict ...

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