Dial up, yes dial up

By horrorshow247 ·
I went to a job the other day and this persons dial up was not working. The computer said when tryingto dial that it either had no dial tone or that the phone line was already in use. This was connected to a second phone line. There was no phone connected from the pc to the sencond phone outlet. They said that they have always had it like that and it works. The went on a weekend trip and came back and it has not worked since. The computer says it has 100% communication with the modem and the device mananger shows no problems. So I am stumped.

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by horrorshow247 In reply to Dial up, yes dial up

I was hopeing for a response. Guess everyone is also stumped.

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Is there a dial tone?

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Dial up, yes dial up

You did not mention if you tested for a dial tone.

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This part is

by IC-IT In reply to Dial up, yes dial up

a bit confusing "This was connected to a second phone line. There was no phone connected from the pc to the sencond phone outlet."
Is there a line coming from any outlet (wall jack) to the line in on the modem?
Go into the modem properties and turn the modem speaker way up. Listen for the dial tone as it initializes.

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by horrorshow247 In reply to This part is

The line from the wall jack is going straight into the modem. It would not give me a dial tone at all when I tested it. What gets me is that they said that is how they use it.

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Make sure...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to OKay

it is plugged into the correct port on the modem. Test it with a telephone if possible. If no dial tone with phone attached then change cable. If you have no dial tone it isn't the computers fault, it is the phone line or other physical wiring going to the computer.

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by horrorshow247 In reply to Make sure...

That is what i said and told the people. I also suggested that they call the phoen company and they said they did. The phone company said all their stuff works fine. Big susprise.

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Did you try...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to thank

changing the cable and make sure it is plugged into the correct port.

Also, they may say it has always worked like this and they have not changed anything, but that doesn't mean you should believe them.

I have had many a call that nothing has changed, but something had changed. You just fix it and make up an excuse for what happened.

If you call them on a lie though they are likely to not ask for your services again.

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by horrorshow247 In reply to Did you try...

I tried a different cable in the differnet ports and all the combos there in. Thank you for the help though. I was just hopeing i had not missed something. But have you head of a modem not being hooked to a phone, but just pluged straight into wall.

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all the time....

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to yeah

if they have a computer room and need no phone in there then there would be no phone. Even then the phone is hooked to the modem and not the wall or goes into a splitter.

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by TheChas In reply to Dial up, yes dial up

Personally, I would just install a new modem and be done with this.

First, verify that the phone line itself is functional.

Plug a phone into the wall jack and verify the dial-tone.

Then, plug the phone into the output jack on the modem and verify the line passes through the modem.

If this all works, remove the modem and verify that there are no burnt components on the input line side.

Remember, all Windows does when it checks the modem is to verify that the controller chip functions and reports no errors.

Any number of components on the phone line side could fail and Windows would still report the modem as working.

As was stated elsewhere, you do not need a phone connected to the line in order to use the modem.

In fact, since this is a second line for Internet access, not having a phone on the line cuts down on phone spam. If you never answer the phone, they don't call back.


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