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    Dialin to ISDN


    by dunlio ·

    Hi, what I am going to ask may seem silly. We have an ISDN line connected to a Cisco router BRI interface. Is it possible to dialin to the router from home using a normal DEL analogue line?

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      Is there a dialup modem connected to the router?

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to Dialin to ISDN

      If not, along with with other security precondoitions, then no.

      Is the router connected to the internet? If so, you can reach it as long as you have the information and permissions to do so, and remote administration is enabled, just like anything else you do over the internet to reach inside private nets.

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        ISDN connectivity

        by dunlio ·

        In reply to Is there a dialup modem connected to the router?

        The ISDN line from the provider terminates at our ISDN NT box before getting connected to a WIC-1B-S/T-V3 card on the 2811 router. The router is not connected to the Internet at all. If I understand correctly, the following applies?

        – Impossible: DEL analogue to ISDN

        – Possible: ISDN to ISDN

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