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dialup/firewall question

By foxfox8899 ·
If u are suing a dialup on a modem through a phoneline to connect to your ISP directly, can the data be monitored by firewall/LAN group, if yes, how can they do that? Thanks

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Short Answer is no

by James R Linn In reply to dialup/firewall question

at least through the firewall, because you are by-passing it(as long as you disable proxy servers as well).

And the long answer is you shouldn't do this because it is very insecure.

Your company spent tens of thousands of dollars on putting up a firewall to keep the bad guys out, and you've just opened up a hole.


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questions again

by foxfox8899 In reply to Short Answer is no

this is just a personal laptop, no network card, not in the company domain at all. The laptop is just for personal use for some private email/banking etc, has nothing at all for company data. My questions are
(1) Is this still included inthe firewall?(I don't think so, but i could be wrong)
(2) Can my Personal data through dialup to my personal ISP be monitored by someone?
(3) The laptop only connect trhough modem, and no network card, so this should open no hole at all in company's secureity, is this correct?
Thanks agian

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If there is no physical connection

by James R Linn In reply to questions again

IE a lan card....

Then no - no one can monitor using a firewall.

There is software which can capture keystrokes, and even hardware devices which do the same thing. But without a connection to your LAN then someone would have to physically access your computer to install them.

Someone could go through your temp files and see where you have been going.

You aren't creating a hole in security if you aren't conneted via the LAN.


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