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    Dialup server


    by macchia ·

    I’ve got a network glitch on a stand alone PC – XP Pro on this P3, modem shuts down and dials another number and logs on to an unidentified internet server, its so bad I installed Digisoft antidialer, and tried MS registry clean up site…..its still on board and I can’t get it to off. I remove the dial up account which call it self internet and with in seconds its back and trying to dial another number which is probably costing me a fortune if I stay logged on.
    Any help would be real appreciated, we could try the remote system if needed or just lead me through the procedure.
    Ciao for now,

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      Sounds like a hijacking

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to Dialup server

      You probably have a porn dialer. These can get very expensive very quickly if you don’t stop them before they connect. This little beasty most likely came from somebody clicking through an ActiveX warning or clicking on a banner ad. This article ( provides a good overview of spyware and how to prevent and fight it.

      If you already have antispyware software installed, it is most likely outdated or has been compromised. You will need to install new antispyware software.

      [b]Note: You will not be able to download the software directly to the infected PC via dial-up.[/b] (I know you’ve already figured this out, but my conscience won’t let me not say it. 😐 )

      Find a PC that’s directly connected to the internet, or even better, get the infected PC to a broadband connection. Download Spybot S&D from and Spyware Blaster from
      These two programs will take care of most spyware and both have good interfaces (fairly intuitive).

      Install both programs (SpywareBlaster first) while you are still online and allow each to search for and install updates as part of the install routine.

      After Spyware Blaster is installed and started, update, then select “Enable all protection.”

      In Spybot S&D, select the Immunize function and follow the procedure to immunize. Once you have immunized, start a scan. The scan should find the hijacker. After the scan, you can choose to fix the problem. If Spybot won’t fix the problem, you will at least know the name of the culprit and be able to search for a fix.

      If you are not already running Windows Defender, you may want to install it as well.

      Peer me if this doesn’t work or if you have any more questions. I can’t guarantee a one-hour response, but can get back the same day.

      Edit: clarify

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        by macchia ·

        In reply to Sounds like a hijacking

        Thanks for the info, I’ll give it a go but if it persists I’ll have to reformat.

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      Slick the Hard Drive!

      by jimmie.kepler ·

      In reply to Dialup server

      The ultimate cure is to reformat and reload or reimage the PC. While this cure is painful. It will end the hijacking of the system.

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        Always the best advice

        by justin james ·

        In reply to Slick the Hard Drive!

        In this day & age of rootkits, spyware, viruses, and what not, antivirus and antispyware *simply do not cut it*. You should wipe/reformat to be sure.

        When I did some part time work at a computer shop a few years ago, we would explain to people that it would be cheaper to sell them a new system than to bill for the labor to properly disinfect a system, because it was true. I can assemble and set up (sans post SP2 hotfixes) a Windows XP machine in about an hour. I could spent all day removing a piece of junk code, and still not be 100% sure that it is gone or that it did not install a rootkit.


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