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Diary of a Technology Salesman

By jhauer ·
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How to Sell VoIP Business Solutions

by jhauer In reply to Diary of a Technology Sal ...

<p>In this first installment of my Blog I am actually looking for help on methods of selling VoIP to small and medium size businesses. Trying to get owners of these companies to get off of their PBXs and go with the next generation of technology reminds me of trying to sell computer networking in the 1980's. </p>
<p>I remember talking to business owners in the 80's and 90's about the value of e-mail and they looked at me like I was Jules Verne. I have named this reaction the Pocohontas Syndrome. In the movie Pocohontas, John Smith tells Pocohontas that his people were going to bring the Indians the great gift of civilization, with roads, houses, big buildings, water, etc. Pocohontas was very confused because her people were happy with what they had and she simply could not imagine what John Smith was describing. </p>
<p>The business man of the 80's and early 90's could not imagine that his day would be so dependant on e-mail. He could not imagine the paradigm shift of how he would communicate. Well, I believe that VoIP and the additional features and functions that come with the technology will also drastically change the way we communicate in the early 21st Century.</p>
<p>VoIP allows your phone system to work around you, rather then you working around your phone system. Voice communication is here to stay and will remain a critical component of how we communicate internally and to the outside world. One thing on your desk that has changed very little in the last 25 years is the telephone. We are using antiquated telephone systems in an age where technology has drastically changed the way we work.</p>
<p>Voice over Internet Protocol - VoIP is the next generation of communication products. To call VoIP a new telephone system is an insult to the technology. It is almost like comparing an adding machine to calculator. We are only seeing the humble beginnings of this technology. Like computer software of the 90's, we were intrigued and saw the possibilities that have come to fruition. VoIP applications have this same intrigue. Shed your notion of simply replacing your phones and grasp the concept of a new level of communication. VoIP delivers control over how you communicate and with whom, integration of voice communication and software, portability, collaboration, distribution and technical control.</p>
<p>Technical control is paramount. VoIP is sure to take the large Regional Bell Companies out of the equation. With VoIP you can make changes on-line, real-time without having to wait 24-48 hours for a technician to flip a switch somewhere in the big phone company's infrastructure. In the future we will only need the big telephone companies to maintain the wires and higher level switching on dedicated networks. Soon, with the advent of WiMax and other possible wireless broadband conveyances, the wires themselves will become antiquated.</p>
<p>With the promise of VoIP technology which brings lower pricing for more features and functions, why are there so many skeptics who want to hang on to the security blanket of the Plain Old Telephone System? I guess there are still a lot of Pocohontas' out there.</p>
<p>I work for <a href="">DTI-Digital Telecommunications, Inc</a>. a CLEC with an outstanding VoIP product being deployed in key markets in Minnesota and Iowa.</p>

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