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Did anyone else get a suspicious email

By JamesRL ·
Through peer mail?

Subject: Thank You.
Body: I have viewed your post and it was very helpful.

My apologies if this offends the person sending. There was no reference to either a specific post or the name of the person emailing to me.

If this was someone just jotting off a quick note and forgetting to sign, my apologies. But I was also thinking it was someone trying to get my email address if I replied to ask what it was about.

Anyone else get something like this?


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Not me

by Tig2 In reply to Did anyone else get a sus ...

But then, my posts aren't generally very helpful.

That is an odd email.

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Not me either

by dspeacock In reply to Did anyone else get a sus ...

Nothing here either. Not that I get a lot of peer mail though.

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Not me.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Did anyone else get a sus ...

Was the subject "You have mail from a TechRepublic member"? The return address might give some clue, but I wouldn't respond to it if you aren't clear on the subject.

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by JamesRL In reply to Not me.

The return email address was hotmail, but it was sent through TR peermail (cnet relay).

It could be a simple thank you. But with nothing else to go on? My first impulse was to reply and ask what post they were referring to, I'm always willing to help. But then given the vagueness of the email, I wondered about address farming.


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Check your recent postings?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Yes

Maybe looking at the questions you answered lately might give a clue. I suspect you aren't that bored.

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It MIGHT be desmonda being sarcastic.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Well it could be

BTW- I was wondering, do you know of a program that could reveal the admin password faster than LC5 from the %systemroot%\windows\repair\sam file?

I didn't get no steenking email either.

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by JamesRL In reply to It MIGHT be desmonda bein ...

Maybe I do.....

Once upon a time we used to download the domain password file to a pc every month, and then run a cracking program against it. We would time the length of time it would take to reveal X% of passwords, and benchmark that as a measure of how effective our password security rules were.

Needless to say the first few times we had some dropped jaws, but after an awareness campaign and some ability to enforce stricter rules, the numbers began to dramatically improve.


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I checked my usual passwords at Microsoft

by OnTheRopes In reply to HA!

I thought I was using strong passwords, not even close. It was a real eyeopener.

I check my passwords at that link now. I don't know how well they'd stand up to a determined hacker but at least I'm not leaving the key in the door.

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Wow - you got a thank you!

by Dr Dij In reply to Did anyone else get a sus ...

I had been making posts suggesting training for Indian programmers and never got a thank you.

One person did, said was useful
but they did this in the discussion /question.

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