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    Did Gates Finally wake Up


    by jimhm ·

    Did Gates Finally wake up to what his Customers have been telling Him.. Talk about slow to the take.. Gee – Good Morning Bill.

    Does anyone truely believe MS will change? I for one – its More Marketing HYPE! Never Trust Microsoft –

    —- From aNew Article —

    In an e-mail sent to employees Wednesday and leaked to the Associated Press, Gates said that the company intends to shift from a focus on features to spotlighting security and privacy.

    “When we face a choice between adding features and resolving security issues, we need to choose security,” Gates wrote in the e-mail. “Our products should emphasize security right out of the box.”

    Calling the new initiative “Trustworthy Computing,” Gates billed it as the “highest priority” for the company.

    Gates also addressed privacy. “Users should be in control of how their data is used,” Gates reportedly wrote. “It should be easy for users to specify appropriate use of their information including controlling the use of e-mail they send.”

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      No, this is part of their

      by admin ·

      In reply to Did Gates Finally wake Up

      new position in cooperation with Homeland Security. you’re not a good citizen if you’re not secure these days, and buying MS will make you one in the future. They’re brilliant at business, that’s all there is to it.

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        by leftyfrizzell ·

        In reply to No, this is part of their

        Yep, they will co-operate as long as it is financially advantageous to them. I see them changing things in the interest of “security” until they have 24×7 access to your C drive, your bank account and ALL your MP3 files.

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          Personal security

          by generalist ·

          In reply to Right…

          Being somewhat paranoid, they won’t get access to my bank account from my PC unless they ban paper checks. It is one of my personal security measures that I don’t think MS will break for at least another year or two.

          As far as why Gates sent outthe memo, maybe his father, a lawyer, suggested that he better at least look like he was security minded before a group took him to court…

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      Security ?

      by necromanthus ·

      In reply to Did Gates Finally wake Up

      a joke for sure !
      Take a look at: IE 6.0 or Messenger for example.
      A lot of “eyes” watching at you.

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      Who is going to protect us from MS?

      by securityadmin ·

      In reply to Did Gates Finally wake Up

      Gates is good at fumbling with software blunders and lawsuits and I think this new cause for concern his .NET projects and passport project as well as online regestration of new MS products are creating an open door for hackers and crackers to claimit as their trophy. Dont Trust This hoopla it is only a matter of time until they are of the’s list of hacks.

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