Did I do this right?

By kadena ·
I am trying to make subnets and host ip addresses for a class b network. My network address is and I need 500 subnets.

So far this is what I've come up with:

My subnets are:

My host ip addresses are:

Subnet #1: -
Subnet #2: -
Subnet #3: -
Subnet #4: -
Subnet #5: -

Did I do this right?

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I can see some issues

by TobiF In reply to Did I do this right?

First of all:
In order to get 500 subnets, you need a subnet mask of or /25.

I want to point this out, since we may be too used to and might enter such a value by mistake somewhere.

Next: In any subnet, all zeroes or all ones are reserved. This means that for subnet #2 and #4, the last host address should be ...126.

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I think this is right

by kadena In reply to I can see some issues

Alright this is what I have now for my subnets and host IP addresses:


Host IP addresses:
Subnet #1: 0.129 - 0.254
Subnet #2: 1.1 - 1.126
Subnet #3: 1.129 - 1.254
Subnet #4: 2.1 - 2.126
Subnet #5: 2.129 - 2.254

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