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    Did i fry my motherboard?


    by snickers3 ·


    So i wanted to move my ram in different slots from their current ones, i did that and then my pc will start booting normally, get to the motherboard logo and then after a few seconds it will turn off completely..

    The thing is that i didnt have placed my ram correctly to them ram slots and i tried turning on my pc so theres a high chance i fried my mobo..

    Was just looking for some advices to guarantee that its my mobo thats faulty before i proceed to a mobo replacement..

    Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.


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      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Did i fry my motherboard?

      If you removed power then no you are unlikely to have done any damage.

      However if you left the power on and the M’Board was energised then all bets are off and the Warrantee isn’t going to cover you on this.

      But as the thing is starting to boot the most obvious is that there is a Mismatch between what is registering and what the BIOS shows is available so you need to go into BIOS and reset the items that are connected to this M’Board.

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        Yea but..

        by snickers3 ·

        In reply to Depends

        I cant get into my bios since a few seconds later my pc turns off, i did reset my CMOS though twice, both with the jumper cap and the baterry removal . The problem still seems to persist.. My pc is around 6 years old so the warranty is off the book anyway.

        If it is a hardware issue would my pc still start to boot?

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          That is clearing the BIOS not resetting it.

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to Yea but..

          Have you tried putting the RAM back where it was and then entering the BIOS and making the changes necessary.

          When you clear the BIOS you return the system to it’s Defaults including Time and Date so these at the very least need resetting not to mention the M’Board correctly identifing the CPU, Installed RAM and HDD/s.

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          Ram swap didnt help

          by snickers3 ·

          In reply to That is clearing the BIOS not resetting it.

          I tried putting my ram back to its original slots. My pc still will shut down after a few seconds.

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          Check the Power Supply then.

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to Ram swap didnt help

          It’s no sign that it’s working properly because lights come on as the current may not be correct.

          If you have a Power Supply Tester use that to make sure that the Voltages and current are correct.

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          Dont have one

          by snickers3 ·

          In reply to Check the Power Supply then.

          Will a multimeter do? I could go buy one tomorrow..

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          Not really if you have a Known Good Power Supply

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to Dont have one

          You could plug that if for a test.

          While a Multimeter will show voltages it’s not so good on listing the currents at the pins/connectors or whatever you want to call them.

          The Antec Power Supply Tester I have here was only something like $20.00 AU when I bought it a few years ago and it lists everything and tells you if it’s good or not as it tests all lines at the same time where as a Multimeter only tests one line at a time.

          But if you don’t have one or a Known Good Power Supply I’m out of ideas.

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      Visual inspection

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to Did i fry my motherboard?

      The memory is not seated properly or there is something in the slot preventing contact. If there’s a video card installed, that BIOS loads first, the CPU BIOS, but you have to us F4 or F8 sometimes DEL to enter BIOS. If it fails there then the power supply is the next likely suspect.

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        Just might be dirty RAM Module Contacts

        by oh smeg ·

        In reply to Visual inspection

        So pull the RAM and clean the Gold Contacts with a Rubber/Eraser and reset it.

        Remember this is directional and only goes in one way so it needs to lock in at both ends or it is the wrong way round in the socket.

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          Worked for me

          by john cater ·

          In reply to Just might be dirty RAM Module Contacts

          this awesome trick worked for me, i was facing the same issue but then i read the comments somewhere so that i could find the solution, and thankfully i got this awesome trick which solved my problem

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          worked for me but now same issue returned

          by li2013 ·

          In reply to Just might be dirty RAM Module Contacts

          I had similar issue and I was happy that it worked for me first from this suggestion, but after a few days same issue returned. any one can recommend me next thing to do?

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      You can try

      by oliverjames449 ·

      In reply to Did i fry my motherboard?

      You can try getting out your mobo out of the case and testing it on a piece of cardboard. Also try booting without rams and any hard drives.

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