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did I go to far?

By Jaqui ·
in an email to the executive director:

I think a massive stand against this needs to be taken, in support of Free Software / Open Source Software.

Below is the content of an email I sent to the Apache Software Foundation because of this legal action. I hope it inspires you to promote a similar action across the entire Free Software / Open Source Software community.
against use of Oracle's I.P. JAVA.

Just a Thought to rattle some shuttered minds in the software industry.

Since Oracle is suing Google over I.P. infringement for the Android os for smart phones, I think that to shock Oracle into withdrawing the suit and demonstrate just how much Free Software / Open Source Software has embedded itself in business. Apache Software Foundation should put ALL Java projects on hold and disable downloading of them until the issue is resolved.

All these project pages to have a temporary re-direct to a noice that if Oracle wins the legal action against Google these projects will be no more, as the ASF will not be able to pay Oracle license fees.

With Tomkat being the most widely used Java server in the enterprise, this will have many of Oracle's clients screaming at them all on it's own.

Adding in the rest of the ASF projects just increases the number of complaints at Oracle.

I know that no ASF project actually infringes on Oracle's I.P. for Java, they don't ship the sun jvm/jree/j2ee with them to be in violation. It would just really shatter the insular mindset of many proprietary software companies, as well as hardware companies that refuse to support the free software / open source software operating systems to have a mass show of how far it has penetrated into the world of business.

For what it's worth, I myself will not touch Java, and have had that stand for years. It is environmentally unsound to use Java.

Jaqui [/cite]

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by santeewelding In reply to did I go to far?

I dunno.

Did you get there?

Or, did you go past?

You shout out what you do and your recipients have every right to ask the same questions, and the right to question what the **** you are talking about.

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Unless, of course

by NexS In reply to "To"?

'To' is a person. In which case, "Did you see them?", or the like.

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Far as a destination, rather than an estimation.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Unless, of course

To go to far is probably not the same as to "go far"... but it could be a place, a place defined as distant, non-proximate at the very least.

But too far you probably did not go. Especially as it will not be you that decides on the matter. The suggestion is a fine weaponization of a state of affairs, something of which I generally approve, insofar as the aims of the weapon do not cross my own aims.

Carry on. Nothing to see here. Behind you - that's another matter entirely. (It's Santee - pondering. Mayhap fingering his airer-upper thoughtfully. Or fitfully, as the case may or may not be.)

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I would suggest

by NexS In reply to did I go to far?

That your needs for Java related software would differ from others' needs.

Also, I had no idea that Oracle owned Sun Microsystems, until I looked it up, just now.
<i>Edited for Santeeism.</i>

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Needs a comma

by santeewelding In reply to I would suggest

After, "Microsystems".

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and maybe a dash ...

by bergenfx In reply to Needs a comma
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Your wish

by NexS In reply to Needs a comma

Has been granted.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to did I go to far?

I don't think that you went too far.

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you do know

by Jaqui In reply to No

that Oracle's flagship DB engine makes very heavy use of Tomkat?
after all, what else will serve the java pages from any operating system Oracle is designed to work best with?

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No, I think it's a good idea

by JackOfAllTech In reply to did I go to far?

I, for one, will also be sending an email to Oracle.

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