did i messed up the domain user settings?

By ryonangt ·
Hi guys,

Here is my scenario and i hope you guys can give me an answer whether i messed up with the domain user settings...

My sister who works in overseas comes back to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family, she brings back her company laptop with her and that company laptop is set to login using domain user id. She doesn't have any problem login into her laptop.

Today i plan to transfer some of my files from my desktop to her laptop but we can't access each other folder because her laptop is set as a member of a domain compare to my desktop which is set to member of a workgroup.

This is where the problems is:-
So i login into my sister laptop using her domain user id and under Computer Name (under System Properties->Computer Name->Change), i changed the settings of her laptop from member of a domain to member of a workgroup. Then i logoff her laptop. After that she can't login back using her domain user id.

So my concern is whether my sister still can login using her domain user id after she goes back to her company and connect her laptop to her company network?

Thanks in advanced...

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yep you messed it up

by CG IT In reply to did i messed up the domai ...

you might try system restore... but... keep your fingers crossed while it restores the computer...

I would say yep your messed it up and nope there's no way to fix it if system restore doesn't do the trick and yep your sister will get flack for it when she has to turn in her laptop so it can be rejoined to the domain.

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Yes you messed up.

by L-Mo In reply to did i messed up the domai ...

The machine must be rejoined. I don't believe system restore will do that since it probably needs to communicate to a DC in order to rejoin.

Once she's at work it is a straight forward operation for her IT department.

I suggest you allow them to fix it.

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OH YAH!!!!

by bart777 In reply to did i messed up the domai ...

At this point I would just have her put the laptop back in her bag and wait until she gets back to the office. I'm SURE she'll catch flak for letting it happen but it should be just in fun.

DON'T do anthing else to the computer. Just let them fix it when she gets back.

Next time you want to want to transfer files just copy them to a USB drive and copy them to the other device.

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Has to communicate with DC

by srush In reply to OH YAH!!!!

The laptop must receive authentication from a Domain Controller. There's no way to get this unless you're on their LAN. So, yes, it's messed. She must wait until she gets back to their network to rejoin the PC to the domain. All it will require for IT is using a username and password of an authorized user and a reboot.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to did i messed up the domai ...

Yes the laptop is going to need to be rejoined to the domain. No you can not fix it unless you are connected to the network.

She probably will not be able to login to the laptop again until it is joined back to the domain, unless she has a local account as well.

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by ryonangt In reply to did i messed up the domai ...

Thank you all for giving me the answer...
Guess i'll have to tell her about that...

Thanks again...

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