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Did I miss the Friday Yuk?

By Oz_Media ·
Couldn't find one....

If it's already online and I am simply being a moron, forgive me, if not:

A young boy asks his Grandmother how old she is, to which she replies "That's
none of your business."
So he asks her how much she weighs and again she replies "thats none of your
So he asks her why she and Grandpa sleep in separate bedrooms. Grandma gets
angry at this point and sends him off to play.
The boy goes straight to his Grandpa and explains what happened and his
grandpa tells him that Grandmothers are like that, but if he really wants to
know to, sneak a peak at her drivers license in her purse.
Later, the little boy approaches Grandma and says "I know that you are 64
years old, weigh 147 pounds, and that the reason you don't sleep with Grandpa is
because you got an "F" in 'Sex'!!!


A guy has been shipwrecked on a small deserted island with a pig and a dog.
After awhile, he starts getting kind of randy so he decides he has to nail one
of the two animals. After a short debate with himself, he decides the pig is
his choice for a love doll. He sets off chasing the pig and finally traps it.
He pulls down his pants and is just about to nail the pig, when
the dog suddenly bites him in the a$$! The guy kicks the dog away but the pig
also gets away. The guy traps the pig again after a long chase. He pulls his
pants down again, and is just about to slip it the snake when the dog bites him
in the a$$ again! Again, he has to let the pig go while he kicks the dog away.
The guy decides he has to come up with a plan to keep the dog away. He sits down
against a tree and begins to think, but he's so tired from chasing the pig, that
he falls asleep.

The guy awakens an hour later to a beautiful fairy girl standing absolutely
naked in front of him. She says, "I've been put here for one hour to do
anything for you, but only for an hour and then I must go grant someone else a

The guy thinks a minute, then asks her, "Could you hold onto that dog for an

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A link to the other Yuk

by Tig2 In reply to Did I miss the Friday Yuk ...

There are a couple of good commercials posted in it.

Gets difficult to find threads once they've gone off the front door.

Enjoy! And have a great weekend!!!

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I like reading your posts.

by OnTheRopes In reply to A link to the other Yuk

Sometimes not so much for what you do say as for what you don't say. :^0

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AHHH #^&@(^%!#

by Oz_Media In reply to A link to the other Yuk

I think I'm just gonna hit the fart sack and call it a day. Just a horrible mix of randomly pieced together hours, day late/dollar short and all that...will try again tomorrow. :)

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by GSG In reply to AHHH #^&@(^%!#

I've never heard the phrase "fart sack" before. I snorted Diet Pepsi out my nose.

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you know that if you do that

by The Scummy One In reply to OMG

too often, you will get an addiction to it :^0 :^0

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