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Did I say iOS was 'immune'? Not in that discussion

By YetAnotherBob ·
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IOS Immunity

by YetAnotherBob In reply to Did I say iOS was 'immune ...
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Stop using take offline

by Slayer_ In reply to Did I say iOS was 'immune ...

It doesn't work for crap, it says 2 posts, but only 1 shows up, and doesn't link to the original discussion.

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SS it could be that the OP here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Stop using take offline

Is ashamed of their comments but has to post them so they click on Take Offline so that they will not bee seen by the person that they are replying to or making a comment on their post.


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I Don't Think So

by YetAnotherBob In reply to SS it could be that the O ...

@Hal 9000

I have had some discussions on the 'take offline' section here with both Sinister Slay and Vulpine. I don't see any difference wither their comments here or on the 'main board'. I don't necessarily agree with either of them, but they do have some good points, and they do deserve respect.

Please give it to them.

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